Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The end is near for Journeyman

Since I've been so busy lately I think I missed mentioning this Journeyman news last week, but NBC has allowed the options on the actors contracts to expire, freeing them to seek other work if desired. Not exactly an outright death sentence, but effectively the same thing. As far as I understand it for most shows the ongoing strike will eventually effect a force majeure contract clause which rather sneakily allows the AMPTP to duck out of liability for contract breach and avoid their potential debt due to halted production. Great loophole jackasses.

Anyhow, Journeyman has one more episode to air, and I say its a real shame. This show is totally just hitting its stride creatively. Each episode especially since the 2 parter a few weeks ago has been consistently better than the last. I'm getting involved in the fate of these characters and I'm pissed that it looks like it's not going to get another chance.

It feels like good genre shows always get screwed. Thank god for Heroes, and the few others like Lost which can buck the trend.

If you believe the hype you can still act to save Jouneyman by visiting Savejourneyman.net They're trying to organize a Rice-a-roni campaign in the same vein as the Jericho nuts saga of last year. Can internet lightning strike twice in consecutive seasons? I doubt it, even though I'd say Journeyman is more deserving that Jericho.

So with that I will say my personal fond farewells to yet another great genre show cut down far too soon. We'll miss you dearly Journeyman. It was really getting good too...

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