Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Let the Batmania begin

I've been really busy this past two weeks with a new job starting, and a few other holiday style distractions, but I had to mention this because frankly, its just damn cool not to...

Two more international movie posters for The Dark Knight recently appeared online. The first one, perfectly compliments the one I mentioned a few days ago, and the other... well it kind of scares me. I like it, but it scares me. Check em out.

And now my friends, prepare to have your little minds blown away, by the awesomeness of the new full length Dark Knight trailer. Here is the nice big official version... sweet. or just check it out below from our old friends at YouTube :)

Oh so very pretty. I really like how Ledger seems to be playing The Joker. I know fanboys get all crazy for Nicholson, but I'm intrigued by this new take on him. Just listen to that laugh, it so much more sickly psychotic than Jack ever was. And really, don't those action scenes and explosion looks cool.

Look for The Dark Knight to hit screens July 18th, '08

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