Monday, December 10, 2007

Metropolis redux

It truly never ends does it? The destruction of classics? The re-purposing and repacking of vintage films for a more modern, hip sensibility... While I'm generally ok with updates, this one is going to take me a bit to get used to.

Metropolis is going to be remade.

According to Variety, Thomas Schuehly, the producer of Alexander, has acquired the rights to the property and is retooling it for the modern world. Teamed up with Mario Kassar, of T3 fame not too much is known about the planned update. The dynamic duo is currently shopping around for a a top name director who they plan to hire in early '08.

Could this actually be a good idea? Do we need an update of this classic? We'll have to see what becomes of this news in the months come. With the writers strike in full swing and not looking to end anytime soon, it might be a little while before we see much more on Metropolis... I'll try to reserve judgment until more is known.


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