Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A couple of blog updates

So as you may or may not have noticed I've changed the sidebar of the blog around a little bit. I decided it was high time to start syndicating this here blog, and so I registered the site through Feedburner. The top feed icon is really just the basic feed. As far as I understand RSS (which is really only a little), this is the link to the Feedburner RSS for me. ie this:

The + Yahoo, + Google, + Bloglines, and + Rojo chicklets are all to add me directly to Your customized personal page through any of those... what are they call blogcatchers?... probably just called an Aggregator. Anyhow, so if you use one of those services you could add me with a single click. Feedburner produced the code for these chicklets, and a bunch more that I didn't bother putting up. I'm actually not sure why I added Rojo kind of on a whim. I don't actually know anything about their service, but I just really like the word ROJO its fun to say. Try saying it in a Japanese accent... it works :)

Below that you'll see an Atom Feed link. I'm not sure I actually
get the difference between the Atom generated XML and true RSS. It seems to me like most readers can access both, but I'm sure I'm missing something. To the end of promoting the site more through the RSS (aka feedburner) feed I took their advice and messed around with the meta tags for the page too. So now if you are using the new Firefox, or IE and want to subscribe directly through the browser it will register the RSS by default rather than the Atom XML. Hooray!!! Sorry, I'm just sure you probably don't care, although for me this means that if and when people actually start reading this blog I can get much more accurate stats through my single Feedburner profile.

Below the Atom link is a link to my Technorati Page. I haven't looked much into Technorati, but I know that pretty much everyone who is into blogs uses it. So I figured I'd jump on board. Seems pretty straight forward, and like a decent service.

The only other thing I actually added to the site is the eXTReMe Tracker at the bottom of the page. Theoretically it will give me some proper stats as to who is surfing here when and for what. Then I can sit in a corner and cry myself to sleep at my fantastic unpopularity. God this thing is so fucking self indulgent. Totally ridiculous... The eXTReMe Tracker is kind junky looking, actually it looks like a piece of spyware, and or something that will sell my info to the highest bidding spammer. Hopefully not though. I just don't trust it when they have to give the product more urban street cred or whatever it is they're trying to do just to try and make it hip enough for me to use. Am I a total sucker? Perhaps...

I've spaced and rearranged the links section too, but that's basically the same. The only thing I actually added there was a link to my DVD Aficionado list of Owned and Wanted discs. Check it out HERE if you're interested in marveling at how many dvds I have that are aimed at 12 year old boys. Or even worse, how many I have that are aimed at 12 year old girls ;)

Ok, enough self-deprecation. I'm off to podcast. Later all.


K said...

Can I recommend


Chappy said...

ok done.

not sure I see what's so great about them though... Maybe I just need to use it more, like Digg, the more you use it the better it works.