Monday, August 07, 2006

finding new music on YouTube

So my buddy Devon, who as most everyone knows is obviously way cooler than me, turned me onto a few new bands recently. Including elefant, The Mother Hips, The Dead 60s, Wolfmother, and this band called OK Go. Honestly I can't give him all the credit for these bands, but I'll definitely give it to him for finding them and letting me copy them onto my ipod. He's always very reliable at finding new stuff. Not that I don't do my share of discovery too. Some of my recent personal finds include We Are Scientists, Head Like A Kite, The Slip, the awesome Nine Black Alps, the awesomely glam The Ark, and of course Asian Kung-Fu Generation. I had a point to that ranting little list; I was going to embed a video for this Ok Go song I saw on YouTube, only once I started writing this paragraph I felt like it was making me look bad. Like I don't know anything about new music myself. Rest assured I do know a thing or two, I'm just not as proactive as Devon about it.

Have you guys noticed that there are like tons of music videos on YouTube now? Its really cool. Honestly I mean, I'd pretty much stopped watching videos and now its like they're back again. :) Its really a cool thing. Last week I watched the new Muse video, I don't know if you've seen it yet, it's that Knight of Cydonia one with all the sci-fi kung-fu western shit. Very cool. I also think I saw my first videos of Panic at the Disco! on YouTube, and I know I've been stoked to see The Ark, and The Arcade Fire both well represented there. Check those links I just put in; 'cause they lead to very good videos from the bands, some official, some homemade but all cool. The few that aren't linked are bands that must be so cutting edge their stuff hasn't shown up on YouTube yet... haha ok just kidding, they might not have absolutely everything, but man they sure have a lot. I'm seriously digging YouTube these days.

Ok, so here's that cool video for OK Go. I don't think I've seen choreography this good since The Monkeys. I won't say they're like a boy band, cause a real 'boy band' would never make a video so adorably dorky. Check it here, and then go surf for some cool videos and recommend em to me :) Later.

Ok, so I know I said that was all, but man that Asian Kung Fu Generation vid is really really cool... seriously these guys are awesome:

If only real life was as cool as music videos... Lates.

UPDATE - You want awkward and sexy in a weird real world kinda way? Check out this intense Kent video.


Lisa said...


It's the Monkees, not the Monkeys. Geez, I thought you'd know better! I'm almost insulted!

Also, if you haven't heard of The Raveonettes, check them out!

Chappy said...

Considering I actually saw them with you, and thank you for giving me a ticket even if it was free, I really should know better. So sorry. Was it Micky or Davy that you liked???

I'll check out the Raveonettes. Didn't they do a My Boyfriend's Back cover or something? I think I've heard of them. hmmm.

Lisa said...

Mike Vitorovich gave me those tickets...and, if I remember correctly, we had an amazing time!

And it was Micky. He only kissed me on the cheek and called me sweet back in '91.

The Raveonettes did indeed do a rockin' cover of that song.