Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Transformers Updates

Hey net nerds, I ran across a few more tantalizing glimpses of possibly art design sketches? of Optimus Prime. Unfortunate that the eyes are blacked out on the second pic, but you can't win 'em all I suppose. Check 'em out:

A few other notes of interest. On Michael Bay's blog he links to two recent stories on the upcoming film. Both are interesting for different reasons. The first older media piece was on Access Hollywood and has at it's end a few quick glimpses of fighting animatics. And the second is a new piece from MTV. The coolest thing about this in my opinion is hearing Bay actually confirm the rumor that they are in fact planning on filming a trilogy of TF movies. After the first one comes out, assuming everything goes well, they are apparently planning on doing number 2 and 3 back to back. Very exciting.

That's all tonight. I'll keep you up once more news arises.

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