Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Podcast Blues

You know, one of the things that really bugs me? When I do a podcast, and I finish it up. and then I just feel like... wow, that could've been better. Like it wasn't horrible, but man, our (read my) audio levels were totally blown out, and I basically monopolized the show talking about my stupid stuff. I know that these shows can't all be winners, but it's just frustrating.

Recently On Hold... has gotten some new listeners, we're also starting I feel like we're finally getting into territory of maybe, just maybe, becoming a show that has a bit more of a broader appeal. When Devon and I are on were really great. Tonight we weren't off, but we just weren't as on as we could've been. And audio issues at this point just make me feel stupid, 'cause I know we can sometimes sound great.

I understand that ultimately the most important thing is that we keep going, keep doing it ever week. But consistency in both quality and content is important with podcasts, especially if they want to reach a real audience. I worry that I'm not bringing that to the table.


K said...

I love the show and I did'nt notice any audio problems. I think once you like a cast... your ear becomes very forgiving.

I am beginning to to think that listeners just want to hear (be with) people they like and it's not so much about being entertained.

For example... I'm not into gadgets, transformers or comics and such.. but I like to hear you guys talking about it because I like to hear people excited, happy, and getting along.

I think that's it! People just want to hear people not arguing. People want to hear friendly conversations.

Chappy said...

You are wise beyond your years Kelly...

It's funny, maybe I'm more critical of my podcast as we get better, but now it seems like it's all the little things that aren't tweaked just right, make me feel like I'm not living up to my full potential. I'm not a perfectionist, but I want to do it properly.

Thats probably not the right attitude though. Because I really agree with you... some casts I listen to for information, but the majority of them I listen to for the people. As long as they're passionite about whatever they're talking about it's interesting.

That said after tonights episode I think Devon and I are going to think clearly befoer recording if we're in the right headspace to cast at all. No worries though... I have to keep remembering that really there's always next week.