Thursday, August 03, 2006

I should read this every week

Man you know how it is when you think you're totally on top of things, totally got your game on and then wham something hits you, and you're like what... no one told me they're doing a movie version of Miami Vice... well its true in this crazy pop culture, candy fueled world there are a few little tidbit sized news items that slip though even my sticky little fingers. To whit I sat down today with this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly (#889 - 08/04/06) and read it basically cover to cover... and what should my wandering eye should appear but a bunch of funny little poppity newzits that I seem to have missed somewhere along to way. What;s that you say? yes a
'print' magazine actually scooped me. It's so analog I'm impressed with its retroness...

So here you go my pretties. A list of the things that I leaned from Entertainment Weekly:
  • Sam Rami says SONY doesn't want to end the Spider-Man franchise at #3, they have plans up until #6 but whether the cast returns is another story
  • Rambo IV (subtitle TBD) will begin shooting October 1st in Thailand. Stallone can't seem to keep his mitts off these old characters, even though both Rocky and Rambo were played out 10 years ago. The baddies in the film will be the Burmese. And if you don't know or remember Rambo (the first one), just like Rocky (the first one) are both excellent films. The sequels have uniformly sucked balls
  • NBC has picked up a pilot for a sitcom off of YouTube. yes YouTube the show is called Nobody's Watching and you can see it here: part 1, part 2, part 3 I haven't watched this yet myself but am looking forward to it. Take that Brooker!
  • Fox films has launched a new imprint aimed at the youth market called Fox Atomic. It is being headed up by the same guy (I forget the name now) who runs FOX Searchlight and the first film under this MTV-esque banner will be an updated version of Revenge of the Nerds which starts filming this fall
  • Stephen King could probably write a pretty funny cookbook if he wanted to
Oh, and nothing to do with Entertainment Weekly but man, have you guys seen the trailer to Scorsese's new film The Departed? It's badass, check it out HERE

Ok, I've gotta go now, Big Brother is on and I'm missing the drama. Lates.


Laura said...

you steal my podcast thunder, the entertainment weekly snakes on a plane special is the light of my life.

Chappy said...

Yeah that was a totally good article. I also liked the one with the pitch guy. It's really a pretty decent magazine. And of course Sam Jackson is totally the man.