Tuesday, August 01, 2006

some superhero updates

If you enjoy superhero films as much as I do I've got some good news for you.

Firstly it has been confirmed by Warner today that Heath Ledger has in fact taken the role as The Joker in the next Batman movie, which will be officially entitled
The Dark Knight. Very cool :)

Also, a rumor, but a good solid rumor from Ain't It Cool News, is going around that the role of Iron Man (Tony Stark)'s good friend Jim Rhodes has been offered to the incomprable Terrance Howard of Hustle & Flow fame. This is great news, the character was a friend of Starks and actually toook over for him in the suit when he wanted to quit being Iron Man, but when Stark came back Rhodes became the even more badass US War Machine. If you've seen Hustle & Flow you know that Howard is a great and unconventioonal choice. And although I don't think we should expect War Machine to make an appearance this time around, it's a great set up for a potential Iron Man sequel.

Another lesser known superhero from marvel is also getting the big screen treatment Ant-Man, yup thats what I said. He's a hero I swear. Anyhow, check out SHH's very interesting interview with the director Edgar Wright for the scoop. HERE.

Speaking of Superheros I just downloaded Who Wants to Be a Superhero? off of iTunes for free. I should get a chance to watch it later today, I suspect it's total crap, but we'll see...

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