Friday, August 25, 2006

Plastic Man and More Camping!

Hey all, so I just watched this cute little pilot of a cartoon, that was I guess not picked up by Warner Bros. It showed up on YouTube for a brief while but is now gone. Of course you know internet, gone is never really gone... like pee in a swimming pool....exactly. Anyhow, So I watched this 10 minute pilot for a kids cartoon starring the always wacky stretchy man himself from the DC universes; Plastic Man. Yes, that's right. Plastic Man. He's been around longer than both Elongated Man, and Mr Fantastic... this adventure finds Plastic Man (formerly a petty crook, Eel O'Brien) working off his parole by taking down the recently escaped convict The Human Puddle. Sure Plastic Man may seem pretty damn stupid at first, but anyone who's read the modern age JLA books and seen what Morrison did with the character knows that while he has a goofy side, Plastic Man will always be one of the best heroes around.

I heard about it from this story on AICN.

Hey check out this trailer for the very interesting looking updated version of MacBeth. Its being directed by Geoffrey Wright who also did the fantastic and fucked up Romper Stomper. This trailer is NOT SAFE FOR WORK as it has some nudity in it. :)

I'm off camping this weekend, going up to The Russian River by Santa Rosa. Incidentally I've always wanted to go to Santa Rosa too despite the fact that I think it's probably just a kitschy little tourist town. Mostly I wanted to see what was so great about it that it would be the equivalent of Heaven to Kevin Costner's character in The Postman.... but I digress. We're going with our friends Nancy and Ryan, who are a very cool young married couple that we really don't hang out with enough. Another couple, their friends, are also coming; so I guess this'll be a weekend of couples. Nice thing though; the rest of them are all coming up on Saturday morning while Erica and I are heading out tonight. So we'll get an evening to ourselves out in the woods. I can't even really remember the last time we had that. I mean I love camping, but we always seem to invite other people. Tomorrow should be super fun. We're renting canoes for the day and spending all day going down the Russian River. There are a few rapids (or at least swifts) on the river, and I have to say this is maybe the most excited I've been fort a camping trip this entire summer! It should be really really fun.

I guess that's all I wanted to say today. I hope everyone is planning a fun weekend ahead, and not just saving it up for Labour Day. I think you should live it up all the time. Well, all the time you can. I'm gonna head out now. See you all after my trip. Later.

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