Thursday, August 03, 2006


I love populist reality, or as Colbert calls it Wikiality. You see it creeping up on us every day. Just look at the popularity of Wikipedia and the Urban Dictionary. It makes sense too, for most things in this world our perceptions are all that really matter. We've built up so much non sensical cultural etiquette and exceptions that for the most part reality is what we tell ourselves. FOX News and other manipulators can play on this general lack of interaction with reality by playing our emotions with flashy graphics, and video game explosions. Maybe it's kind of sad, this new populist reality and the fact that so many people fall so easily into it, me included. But it's also amusing to watch, especially with the promises of new media, if you can try to keep a critical eye about you. Maybe I'm deluding myself that I can observe and not be influenced... But the sheer truthiness of it is pretty darn entertaining.

The Elephant entry on Wikipedia has been temporarily locked due to vandalism :)

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waveman said...

lol - this is fantastic! Thanks for posting it. :)