Thursday, January 04, 2007

2 new tv shows

It's TV premiere time again...

I was really surprised by The Knights of Prosperity because it was just so funny. For some reason back in September when this show was first announced I thought it sounded totally lame, thankfully though I was wrong. It follows the a group of would-be bluecollar criminals, who have decided to take what they believe to be their rightful place in the world, defy the hand that fate has dealt them and steal a bunch of money to make their lives better. The funny comes in how amazingly inept they are at being criminals; a life of drudgery cleaning toilets and driving cabs does nothing to help them become an Ocean's 11 crack team of crooks overnight, despite what they may think. And then there's who they decide to rob. At least for the start of the show, the pilot that is, they have set their sights on non other than Mick Jagger. Throughout the pilot we routinely cut away to snippits of a mocked up "E True Hollywood Story" of Jagger, and revel in his opulence. And man, Mick is dead funny. He's got so much opulence he doesn't even realize it. Everything from a gold plated Stones tongue butter dispenser for his private movie theater, to a swimming pool just for his dogs. I was rolling everytime he came on the screen. But I know he's probably just a guest star, and thats fine, because the regualr cast of the show do a great job with this mostly very funny material. I think this'll be a big hit. If you missed it last night, you can watch the pilot over at right now. I highly recommend it.

The other new show that started last night was nowhere near as good as KoP. In fact, I might say that it was truly bad. I don't expect you to ever see this show so I'm not going to spend a lot of time on it. In Case of Emergency has some quasi-stars that we all know and maybe mildly enjoy, but it is a comedy that just really isn't very funny. If honestly the best thing you're show has going for it is David Arquette, you know you're in trouble. There were a couple jokes that make me almost smile, but there were far more times when the shows star Johnathan Silverman (who is nowhere near as charming now that he's all growed up) made me cringe with how much I wanted to smack him in the head. Yes Lori Laughlin is still hot, I'm satisfied. Now we should all move on to something better. Thanks guys but no thanks, this show is worse than The Class. Its also an ABC show, so at least they got one out of two right eh?

If you're out looking for new shows, or just want to know when the goods are returning, check out Metacritic's list right here. Looks like we're looking at that Grease reality show next. Oh and I'm excited because the new Apprentice starts this week on Sunday. Ok, I'm off to eat later all.

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