Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What is Babylon A.D.?

According to the Wikipedia it is either an 80s glam metal band from Oakland... glam metal?! is that like motley crue? Or it's a new action sci-fi film starring Vin Diesel set to come out later this year.

Woah, woah, woah... now hold on there. You say you hate Vin Diesel?! Ok, I understand. A part of me hates him too, but stop giving in to the dark side for just a second, and think about it. I think people jump on not liking Vin Diesel for a lot of bad reasons. Fast and the Furious (the first one) was great. It was really a fun film. And the things that we're wrong with it had a lot more to do with the sometimes super cheesy dialogue, and Paul Walker. Face it F&F is good because it's basically Point Break in cars... so really if you love Patrick Swayze, you should equally love Vin Diesel. I know. My logic is flawless... Riddick was another story, but no matter what people said about it I really respect that it was a true passion project for him and David Twohy. Maybe it didn't turn out exactly as he hoped, and maybe it just didn't connect with audiences. But I really like it. It's like Conan in space. and that always makes me smile.

Seriously now, that is the last justification / defense I am giving for Vin Diesel. He has made some interesting choices, and even when I hate him for doing the money films like The Pacifier, I am always rooting for him to make it big. To create that one great action or sci-fi epic. He is also an uber geek, and comes off as a very likable guy in interview. If you don't like him please don't harang me about it, cause I do.

So where was I... oh yes Babylon A.D. According to, who nabbed a few rather boring on the set shots from Prague, the film takes place circa 2013 and follows a mercenary charged with delivering a young woman from Russia to Canada when he learns that she has been manipulated with a synthetic virus, and what lies inside her could doom the human race. According to the few reviews on the book which the film is based (Babylon Babies) over at it sounds like a mixed bag of fairly original cyberpunk (meaning nothing to do with Japanese businessmen or hackers), and weird explorations of schizophrenia. It also costars the lovely and talented Michelle Yeoh. You can actually see a few more pictures and bloggy news on the film here.

I'm not saying that I'm really super excited by this right at the moment. It's in that same overseas production limbo that is also keeping me from getting really interested in Will Smith's new one (a zombie film called I Am Legend). I think I was mostly just surprised because I had never even heard about this film until today. Hopefully it will develop into something interesting as time moves along. As I stated above though, with Vin Diesel on board, I am always keeping my fingers crossed, that this one will really be great.


Snafu said...

Have you seen Vin's movie Find Me Guilty that was directed by Sidney Lumet? Though the script was not the best, it was one of Vin's finer films. It reminded me of his 'Boiler Room' days, when he actually showed he had some range in his abilities.

Chappy said...

ahh, I have not seen Find Me Guilty yet, but I would very much like to. And yes, I agree Boiler Room was an excellent film.

Vin does have skills, but I think a lot of it has to do with the director's he works with. Smart directors who unfiortunately want to put him in cliched action roles. Yes, Vin Diesel should be making action films, but he should be making 'smart' action. That is how he will distinguish himself.

He is a decent actor, maybe not great but his charisma makes up for a lot. I'd definitely like to see more smart and interesting choices. Hopefully Babylon AD can deliver.

RockChild said...

I vote for the rock band. Babylon A.D. guitarist Ron Freschi has a new band now, and they're releasing their first album this summer. You can check 'em out at Way cooler than Vin Diesel in my book.

RockChild said...

Joel said...

"Point Break" in cars? "Conan" in space? Where do you come up with this s#@t? First of all, Vin Diesel will never be... awe, I'm totally f#@kin with ya. I honestly have to say that those two comparisons, although I may be generationally biased, are freakin the two best comparisons in movie Diesel history Quit Possibly a couple of the best in all of movie talkin about history. Hope you read it and hope it floats your boat cause you deserve it.

joel said...

I've just gotta say that I hate typos. BUT I JUST CAN'T SEEM TO TYPE WITHOUT THE FREAKIN O'S!