Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Disney picks up John Carter

Disney has picked up the rights to John Carter of Mars from Paramount who had previously had the film set up with Jon Favreau to direct. Of course that was before the whole Iron Man thing. While we don't know if Favs is actually off the film now, my guess is probably yes. Anyhow, now that this potentially huge franchise is set up with the mouse house I for one think that it will finally get made. Sure they won't let it be anywhere near as cool as it was going to be when Robert Rodriguez was set to direct it, but heck this film... this SERIES of films... could be the next Pirates of the Carribbean, only in space.

If you don't have any clue what I'm talking about I highly recommend you go check out the WIKI on the John Carter series of novellas by Edgar Rice Burroughs, or just go over to Project Guttenberg and read some of them yourself. A Princess of Mars is the first.

For all their faults, for all the watered down Haunted Mansions they give us, Disney at least knows how to get a film made. And something like this, something that everyone knows could be fantastic that has been trapped in pre-production hell for years... this is exactly the kind of red tape that I believe Disney knows how to handle.

Besides, we know Disney has got the chops... anyone remember a little film by the name of Captain EO ....

'nuff said.

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