Friday, January 12, 2007

I spend my eBay spoils

So usually I'm not one for really super endorsing one "store" over another, especially on the blog, but there are a very few exceptions to the rule, and today I thought I'd mention one of em. In Stock Trades is absolutely THE best place online to buy comic books. It is far and away cheaper than anywhere I've seen for new books, they are constantly having deals on different titles, and if you order over $50, shipping is free. I pretty much buy all of my trade paperbacks there. The only other place I ever buy comics is from a local second hand store called Aardvark Books that sells everything at half the cover price or lower.

So I know I didn't get too much cash from the whole eBay debacle, but I finally got it all finalized and sorted out. Or at least as much as I can for now. And I spent the money on a couple of new comics that I'm really looking forward to. I picked up all four volumes of the 'epic' storyline X-Men: Age of Apocalypse. These are pretty massive books. In beautiful full color, on nice glossy pages. And while I've never read the story I think it'll be pretty good. Perhaps a bit befuddled, as it took place over a large number of years and I think most of it was while Marvel was going bankrupt and no one was reading. Not that that means it's a great story, in fact most of the Marvel stories at that time weren't considered so good, but hey... it can't be as bad as The Clone Saga right?

I am excited at least because it looks very pretty and it will tell a whole big story that I really know nothing about. I think its some kind of alternate timeline thing. Anyhow, I'll be sure to let you all know if it turns out to be good. I have high hopes though.

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