Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Heroes returns

Hey did you guys see Heroes last night?

Finally back from hiatus Heroes started it's second story arc with a really kickass new episode last night. If you missed it you can check it out online over at NBC.com. ALSO you can watch it streaming with cast commentary! Hooray for the wonders of modern technology. Additionally on the NBC site you can check out the short video called Wireless that was part of the Heroes sneak peak last night. And if you haven't gotten enough Heroes goodness from there, you can catch up on the weekly graphic novel online. There is an excellent 4 part story introducing the new Hero, Hana who has the power to intercept and interpret wireless electronic signals be it cell phones, emails, or whatever.... it's a pretty cool power, and I'm looking forward to seeing her more on the show.

Guest stars abound on Heroes. Christopher Eccleston just started his run on the show, and I believe its next week that Geroge Takei shows up as Hiro's father. But this just announced today, beloved b-film actor and Cinemax staple Eric Roberts will be joining the cast! Roberts is set to play a character named Thompson, who is another associate of Claire's father, Mr. Bennet (aka HRG (horn rimmed glasses)). My guess, The Haitian will become a good guy and help Claire escape her fathers machinations. After the betrayal, HRG will be forced to replace him with Thompson as his new right hand man. I hope he's got a cool power, but you know... Eric Roberts is not really the kind of guy who I'd buy has super powers... That said, still very cool.

If you did watch Heroes last night you'll know to have a look at the Primatech Paper Company, and if you want to join the Heroes equivalent of 'The Lost Experience', use the code MT36 to find a good job... I know, internet meeting tv gets weirder and weirder everyday :)

Thats all for me now. Peace.


Angie said...

Bet you didn't know Stan Lee (as in the creater of Spiderman) will be guest starring this spring too. I have all the Heroes scoop, and I know who will die next too. Let me know if you want to know.

Chappy said...

mmm... tempting but no. I think I'm going to try to back off from actual spoilers for a bit. I've seen too many already.

I'm stoked to hear that about Stan Lee though. I hadn't heard that yet. Pretty sweet. They should get Straczynski, and Grant Morrison on the show while they're at it. Not that Jeph Loeb needs to be told that :)