Friday, January 19, 2007

The BIG news...

So I was waiting until we'd told a couple of people first, before posting anything about this on here, and if you've listened to my podcast you'll already know the scoop, But the BIG BIG news is that on this past Monday my girlfriend Erica and I got engaged!

It's all very exciting and has been a bit of a flurry since then, but everything is really, really great overall. And I am very excited. I'd been thinking about it for quite a while and finally made up my mind for sure about a month or two ago. I waited until after Xmas because I wanted to talk to her parents first, which I in fact did. As I mentioned her father and I had a bit of a bonding moment, and after making clear my intentions towards his daughter, and then going out to do some construction in the woods, he really warmed up a lot. I also planned things out, by getting a ring from my mother. Not the wedding ring she wears, but still a family ring.

In terms of the ring, I went to a number of jewelers and decided to ultimately go with the ring as it was, even though it is 30+ years old. Its a round cut solitaire diamond ring. Nothing too flashy, classic cut, with a tapered white gold band, and hardly any wear. So I had it cleaned and gave that to Erica this past Monday.

On the big day in question, we both had the day off for Martin Luther King Day, and I decided that we should go for a lunchtime picnic in the park. It was very sweet and romantic. We had nice wine, and good cheese and all the usual picnicy things. I had only picked up the ring from being cleaned on Saturday morning, and although I had been thinking about waiting to actually propose, I knew that I couldn't handle that kind of stress. Oh yes, I had a bit of anxiety about this. I spent so long thinking about it that I really knew that I wanted to pop the question, but not matter how sure you are of your relationship, there's still the off chance she might say no. I mean honestly, anything can happen. So needless to say I was a bit of a stress ball this past week or two.

So back to the story. We we're in Dolores Park, which is in The Castro in downtown San Francisco. It's a big park on a hill, with a fantastic view of the city. As it was a bit cold there weren't too many people around which was a good thing. I'd been thinking that I would ask Erica before we started eating, but then we got settled too fast and I knew that if I asked while she had a mouthful of goat cheese and cracker she would probably never forgive me. ;) So I patiently waited until we had finished eating all the time getting more and more anxious. And then finally when we we're onto the chocolate desert I asked her. I was so nervous at that point and I really hadn't planned out exactly what I was going to say, that I started stammering, and came out with "You know Erica, we really seem to get along pretty well..." Thankfully it got a bit better from there. And even more thankfully, she said YES :)

Apparently she suspected something was up, when the night before as we we're walking away from the cheese shop she mentioned that she had really wanted some goat cheese and we had forgotten it. As soon as she said that I went into a blaze and ran back to the store, even though it really didn't matter, to make absolutely sure we got our goat cheese. She said that was a bit of a giveaway that something weird was going on with me... but honestly I'm surprised she didn't notice anything before, because for the entire week or two before that I could barely look at her without acting like a total spaz. Honestly I would be looking at her and all this fear, and excitement, and nerves would just boil up, I could barely hear what was going on. I couldn't concentrate on anything, and I would lose the thread right in the middle of conversations. I always thought it was a cliche that people do that sort of stuff, but honestly I was well on my way to becoming a total basketcase before this proposal. :)

Thank goodness it all worked out. :)

Erica and I have been fielding calls left and right lately, trying to contain the aftermath of the announcement. My parents? you can't even have a conversation with my mother at the moment. You see, my sister Catherine, just got engaged on New Years, so mom is like over the moon crazy now. The number one question from everyone after they ask how I proposed, is when is the big date? Man, I was so concerned with the proposal that I hadn't realized at all... I have no clue how to organize a wedding!

Right now, we're eyeing up mid July, I know it's quick but we don't want anything too crazy, and I don't want to wait forever. I'm going to try to not stress over the little things though, I think we're still just so happy to be doing this that we won't let the crazyness get to us.... Not just yet anyways :)


Gillian said...

Again, officially and publically, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

Chappy said...

Thanks G, same to you :)