Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Beckinsale in Whiteout?

So I just saw, to my surprise that Ms. deadly vampire Underworld hottie herself Kate Beckinsale is set to star in Whiteout. Aparently they're in talks now. Nothing confirmed yet, but I would love to see Beckinsale in the role of US Marshall Carrie Stetko. If you remember waaaay back when I mentioned that this comic to screen adaptation was picked up, I told you how great the book was. Now I hope you'll all get to see for yourselves. Director Dominic Sena (of Gone in 60 Seconds fame) is now confirmed to be directing the Antartic mystery flick which starts filming in March. I'm definitely down with all this very good news.

Anyone out there had a chance to check out either of the graphic novels yet? They're really a fantastic read that I highly recommend.

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