Wednesday, January 03, 2007

the big bucks

$285 - Money made from selling comics on eBay
$57 - eBay listing fees
$40 - boxes and packing material
$15 - Paypal fees
$83 - shipping costs
$90 - profit

Some of these numbers are a bit rough or rounded off, but man thats low... A lot of effort for not so much cash. I only sold 10 lots of 19. I'm currently re-listing 2 of 'em that are very good and probably should've sold, and the rest of the comics... I'm going to try to sell at work. After that I guess I'll just give em away.

$90 for the total number of issues sold, exactly 250, works out to .36 cents a comic book.... low, low, low. Maybe if I can sell these two relisted lots I'll bump it up to $100 total but we'll have to wait and see. eBay is frusterating. I think you really need to have something worth a lot to make selling effective. Oh well, as Erica said, its all money that I didn't have before. At least that's true.

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