Monday, January 01, 2007

Some film stuff I had missed

I know I was planning on splitting up movie stuff for the most part from now on, but there are a few small tidbits that really don't need their own posts.

Firstly, and I only list this out of respect for the franchise, apparently Indiana Jones 4 is going to start filming in June, with Steven Spielberg set to direct, and 62 year old Harrison Ford ready to jump back into the fedora. George Lucas has been saying that this film is going to be made immanently for the past what like 10 years now, so I'll believe it when I see it... or at least once filming starts. At least Spielberg and Lucas have confirmed that they do have an approved script, and honestly want to get this thing made. hmmm... I'm reserving judgement for just a bit on this one.

A new trailer for the second direct to dvd Hellboy animated film, Blood and Iron has shown up on YouTube. Its definitely worth a look. The first film Sword of Storms aired on I think Cartoon Network one night a few weeks ago, but I somehow missed it... oh that's right, my crappy DVR wasn't working that night. Anyhow, the first one will be available to buy on February 6th. Or you could just go look around if you want to see it. Without even trying I found half of it here.

Oh and speaking of awesome animated superhero films, don't forget about the Invincible Iron Man dvd releasing on January 23rd. Check out the awesome trailer for that at the official website. Or the badass, very violent, adult anime Afro Samurai, voiced by Sam Jackson, which starts airing on SPIKE this Thursday (the 4th at 11pm).

So they've greeenlit a Silent Hill 2. hmm... I still have to see the first one. Heard it was good though. Other video games being made into movies of dubious quality: Hitman, Alice, Postal, Onimusha, Bloodrayne II, Far Cry, God of War, a new Street Fighter, another Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil 4, Price of Persia (which for now is the only one I think might be honestly good), and oh so many many more.

Did you guys miss some trailers recently??? oh really, so you already saw the Ocean's 13 trailer? well what about the new Simpsons trailer? I bet you've never even heard of Fast Track... or what about Hannibal Rising, Balls of Fury, and Smokin Aces... ok, well you probably know them all. Sorry, I've been a bit out of touch.

I'm going to head off now, talk more tomorrow. Lates

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