Wednesday, January 31, 2007

ATHF is explosive!

Although the few reviews I read for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force film say that its really, and I mean really bad as a film. That's not going to stop some clever marketers from doing their job as best they can. And what better way to drum up excitement for a film than planting fake explosives around major metropolitan areas.

According to this story on ABC news so far today 5 bomb threats of suspicious packages have been called into the Boston Police Department. Bomb squads have been sent out and detonated 5 suspicious packages that were placed at strategic places (like bridges, and under interstates) around the city. In fact though, these devices were not bombs, but were actually promotions 'illuminated blinking stickers' advertising Cartoon Network's Aqua Teen Hunger Force and its new movie.

Is it true that any press is good press? In this case I'm not so sure. CN will probably get sued for the stunt, and I doubt it will help make people want to see the movie any more. It's sad, because I really love the ATHF but as excited as I was last time I talked about this film, it's all the more depressed I am now in thinking that it really might not be any good. The movie comes out March 23rd, and while I'll try to stay positive, I'm not sure I really can.

Ah well... nothing much to do about it now, but pray to the Mooninites for guidance.

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UPDATE - 02/01/07

if you head over to the Adult Swim website right now you'll see the official apology issued from Cartoon Network

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Anonymous said...

That's some of the most explosive news you've ever had.... i was riveted from beginning to end... now to finish reading you post.