Tuesday, May 22, 2007

28 Weeks Later review

28 Weeks Later, is really fun in a lot of ways. Visually its frenetic, action packed, scary even at times. And the action itself is intense, like a good zombie movie should be, quiet then crazy, quiet then crazy. This film does a good job of maintaining the roller coaster pacing and generally heightened suspense that it needs to be successful.

Unfortunately where the film fails miserably is in its plotting. Simply put this film makes no sense. Oh the actual A to B to C makes sense, I was ale to follow exactly what was happening, but the film is littered with stupid stupid people doing stupid stupid things. And its not just on the small scale either; none of the reasoning makes any sense for the big overarching plot points either. Why would the US military be so clusterfuck stupid to start the repatriation in this way? What the hell are all those civilians actually doing on the small island, I mean they can't be rebuilding infrastructure... Are all the power plants located there? Or the Water refinery's? or Sewage? So if you are already breaching quarantine to let workers out then you're screwed... Why they fuck would they let those stupid ass kids run amok in the city for literally hours, when they knew what was up the minute they'd escaped? Why isn’t it a quarantine problem for the military guys to be disposing of all the infected bodies? And most importantly, I understand that the US military has some 'issues' but once the virus gets loose in their camp, their "Code Red" plan is just about the most retarded thing I've ever heard of. Finally I just wanted to point out what no one in the film seems to want to mention. The entire reason the virus got back into the population was the fault of the protagonists! i mean can someone just kill them please!?

There are moments in this film where everything really works well. I LOVED the first 5 minutes of the film. Thought it was absolutely fantastic. The score was great too. And really the acting wasn't horrible. I was just pissed that people kept acting out stupid horror movie clich├ęs. Everyone knows you don't open that creepy door. It’s just common sense at this point. This film is still fun, I will grant it that, but its logic may annoy you.

I would recommend this film only if you really enjoyed the first one, and are totally capable of turning your brain off for an hour and a half.

2 stars out of 5


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Gillian said...

I also did not like the fact that simply because of the genetic mutation the woman had she was "immune"-ish? As if she's the ONLY person in the entire country to have that mutation?

And the father kept coming up in places that didn't make a lot of sense.

And the escalator scene went on far too long, and DUDE, why would that little boy WANDER off in the dark? It was a bit far fetched.

Though, I wasn't bored at all during the movie, and that doesn't happen very often.