Thursday, May 10, 2007

new Terminator films on the fastrack

With todays press release that the rights to the Terminator franchise have been snapped up by The Halcyon Company a whole bunch of balls have all of a sudden been put into play. Headed by producers Andrew Vajna, and Mario Kassar work on a new trilogy of Terminator films has begun not just in earnest, but on a serious fastrack. Halcyon plans to have Terminator 4 in theaters as early as Summer 2009! now that's fast...

Halcyon, which is a recently formed privately financed development studio scored quite the coup by winning the rights to terminator, apparently one of only a handful of big film properties that is not already under the wing of a major studio. Needless to say, seeing as no one really knew who these guys were before, that the terminator films will be their biggest franchise by far. And hey, it sounds like a really good match to me. Vajna and Kassar have aggressively pursued these rights for years now, and they have a plan well in place for how to move quickly and decisively on these films. For example, they've brought Terminator 3 producer Moritz Borman into the fold to help them realize their vision.

And what vision is that exactly? Well, obviously exact plot details are sketchy at this time, it looks like T4 will pick up with John Connor in his early 30s leading the resistance movement against the machines. Borman says that in T3 they worked to specifically included "many incidental details and plot points that, along with the main narrative, set the stage for an entirely new set of inter-related stories covering the future adventures of John Connor and the Terminators."

And what does the Govenator think about all this? Apparently its "not even on his radar". With a term of office lasting until 2011 it would be more than a little irresponsible for Arnold to go off and star in a film. Besides, I don't exactly think the creative team is looking to cast a 60 something as a lead action star. That said, I think as fans we'd love to see him come back for a cameo, if only to wrap up past plotlines. Hey, if you're a fan of my blog though, you already know my ideas for the new films ;)

I'm sure they'll come up with something huge no matter what. The franchise as a whole has earned just over a Billion dollars to date, and I'm sure it'll only get stronger. I am definitely looking forward to this.


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