Friday, May 11, 2007

New Transformers pics

With Transformers coming out pretty soon, July 4 for those with lagging short-term memory problems, we're starting to move into the marketing endgame, and especially now that Spider-Man 3 is out of the way, Transformers alongside POTC:AWE, and HP:OOTP is one of the biggest remaining summer tentpole film. So I expect to be inundated with the Transformers marketing for the next month or so on a level I suspect we haven't seen since... well, Spider-Man 3.

So lets kick it off with a little pre-marketing marketing as Michael Bay has posted some super high res pictures of all the Transformers on his blog. These are very sweet. I'm only showing you these 4 but he has great pics of all of the bots over at his blog. So go check it out for more.


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