Monday, May 21, 2007


Hola friends,

I'm back once again with some fantastic news! My short video Spider-Man in the Volleyball Tournament of Doom, has made it into the Target Spin Your Own Webisode semi finals!!!

A few weeks ago I told you about my video that I'd entered in the online webisode contest. And while I'm sure a bunch of you went over and checked it out. I'd now like to implore you more than ever; please go have a look at my 2 minute stop motion Lego animated video of Spider-Man facing off against The Sandman in a beach volleyball tournament of epic proportions. I'm really stoked to make it this far, and now its time to try to pull for the win.

Public voting has opened on the contest and I could really use your support. Please go over to the contest website - and watch the videos of the 10 semi-finalists. If you'd like to vote for mine It's the one that is listed as "Spider-Man in Volleyball", and has a screencap of an orange ball in the center of the frame.

Voting is open now, and while you DO have to sign up with (a video sharing social networking site a la YouTube) to vote; since I've been a member they haven't sent me a single piece of spam. Every vote counts, and you can send me your love once a day from now until the 26th.

Thank you so much for the support. And feel free to let me know what you think of the video down in the comments. As promised here are the screencaps of the deleted face melting scene that people we're asking about. Click to embiggen. Enjoy :)

Pretty gross , eh?


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