Wednesday, May 09, 2007

more Star Wars?

Oh George...

You tantalizingly overgrown ewok... George Lucas is a master at giving people hints of really exciting information that either isn't true or is a loooing ways off. He also is known to strongly imply (I don't think its fair to say 'promise') that he will give us fans things that he never delivers on. Well he's at it again, and dare I say it, I think there might be more chance of these suggested projects actually happening than some of the others he's put forward. Then again, that's the problem with listening to Lucas, everything he suggests sounds great, and of course totally plausible... it just doesn't materialize. Or if it does, it looks nothing like what we thought.

A reporter from FOX411 spoke with Lucas at the Time magazine all star dinner and quotes Lucas as saying that there will be two more Star Wars movies, made for tv. They will be live action and an hour long each, but won't focus on the Skywalker family... What?! I suspect that this is just a reported misunderstanding Lucas talking about the long anticipated live action Star Wars television series set for screen after the new clone wars cartoon airs, in approximately 2010.

This is the kind of non-story-story that annoys me. In fact I shouldn't even be blogging about it. Lucas isn't a trickster, but he's too much of a fanboy himself to hold back on early plans. And I have serious doubts that our friends at FOX can report anything accurately... My first real thought on this is that if anything, Lucas was saying that they might do a tv movie or two to launch the series. Because why on earth would they do more stand alone films? At least yet... there's already enough on their plate. Oh, unless we're going to get some more kickass ewok films. Those were so awesome.

That all said, I am really looking forward to more info on the Star Wars live action series... we just might have to wait a few years for something we can really trust.



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