Tuesday, May 15, 2007

master of the mystic arts

Well, if like me you've been generally enjoying Marvels fare of theatrical run films you might also be interested to check out some of their direct to dvd animated offerings. That's right, continuing the company's aggressive timetable of live action superhero movie adaptations, Marvel has been quietly complimenting their body of cinematic work with direct to market animated films for over a year now. Today they have launched the website, and trailer for their fourth, and for the moment, final scheduled release: Doctor Strange...

Once a brilliant surgeon, Doctor Stephen Strange lost his faith after losing the use of his hands in an accident. Determined to fins a cure, he traveled the world only to stumble upon and eventually become trained by Tibetan monks in the dark and mystical arts of magic. He is also a skills martial artist, and eventually became the go to sorcerer for most of the heroes in the the Marvel universe. He often finds himself pitted against demons and other villains of the supernatural.

Check out this trailer and the new website.

The film comes to market on August 14th.

I think it looks pretty cool. Last year I read the first Essential Dr Strange and really enjoyed it. Also if the film is as good as the other Marvel animated releases: Avengers, Avengers 2, and Iron Man, it'll be well worth picking up. Anyone else out there read any Dr Strange? Anyone else interested in this?



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