Thursday, May 10, 2007

Roth is an Abomination

Well the final big casting piece has fallen into place for Louis LeTerrier's upcoming Incredible Hulk movie. Late yesterday, it was revealed that none other than Tim Roth will be playing the villain of the film: Abomination.

Like the Hulk, Abomination began as a regular human. As Russian KGB named Emil Blonsky, he found out about the good doctor's experiments with gamma radiation, and intentionally exposed himself to levels twice that which created the Hulk. As a result he turned inthe the green skin menace Abomination, whose power level apparently doubles that of a calm Hulk. Unfortunately for Emil, he found out too late that he did not have the ability as Dr Banner does to revert to human form. And so trapped in the body of a monster he vows to destroy our hero at all costs. At least thats the gist of his backstory as I understand it ;)

I think this is a great idea. Tim Roth is a great actor who, although I feel has been absent from my movies for the past few years plays dark and conflicted characters extremely well. For some great conflicted character work check out Heart of Darkness where Roth plays Marlow to a brilliant John Malkovich's Kurtz. Really this is shaping up to be a very interesting film.

To keep up on all things mean and green, I like to surf Superherohype's Hulk page.

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