Monday, May 07, 2007

I seriously almost died...

I was so busy last week that I barely got time to read up on the latest film news, and unfortunately a few things might've fallen through the cracks. Not to worry though, I'll do my best to pick up the pop culture crumbs for you very soon.

First though, business: If you're here looking for my production post on the Spider-Man Volleyball of Doom movie, well, its right below this one. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, please go read the post, because I could use your support. Regarding the contest though, I 'm still feeling pretty good about it. I'm happy overall with how my little webisode turned out. Not perfect, but not bad. I've actually read some of the rules on judging etc now, and I'm hopeful that I can make it to the semi finals. From my understanding of how this thing will work, this first week, all the vids are being judged, i think, by the people who are running the contest, probably some mid level web marketing people at Target. These people will be able to take out all the really bad ones. Then the next week, Quarter finals, the films are judged by Target and Sony officially, that probably means some of the higher ups in marketing picking the ones they like best, and giving grades for technicality and creativeness (theres a more complex break down of the scoring in the rules), but finally comes the Semi Finals, which is the point I hope I can make it to. That's where we get into the public stage of voting for whichever webisode you want to win. I'm not sure whoever gets the most votes will actually win or not, but we'll see... I did go through and watch all of the webisodes this weekend, and I have to say I think I'm doing ok. Maybe not the best, but definitely up there. Other webisodes I particularly like are the Behind the Scenes of Spider-Man 3, The Heist, and Bad Venom. I counted about 8 that I thought were pretty good, and deserved recognition. I also think that mine is still the best, hopefully you do too. If you haven't had a chance to see my webisode yet, just head over to and check out the one that has a screencap of a big orange ball coming at the screen. The title is "Spider-Man in the Volleyball Tournament of Doom". Oh and speaking of Spider-man 3, I'm planning on going to catch the film tomorrow night. Hope it does the series justice. I've definitely been hearing some mixed things so far...

This weekend was really nice here. I mean like it was probably the nicest weekend of the year so far, and as such, we picked a perfect time to go camping. Erica and me, along with our friends Cecile and Jan headed out to China Camp State Park up in Marin for the weekend and wow it was really beautiful. I totally missed camping. Its been at least 6 months, and while we went a lot last season I'm hoping for even more, or at least more elaborate, trips this year. China Camp was great though, very close by, and somewhere I'd never been before. We went on a hike, probably 10 miles, and ended up at the old Chinese shrimp fishing village. It was pretty interesting. There was really only one downside to the weekend. the dreaded TICK.

Yes that's right people, I actually got a tick! I've never had one before, and hopefully never will again. But I woke up on Sunday morning with my stomach hurting and not understanding why it was like a surface hurt, not on the inside. When I looked down to my utter horror and disgust I had a tick eating away at my. And where was it? but inside my bellybutton! so totally gross, I know! But really I think I got off easy, Imagine where else it could've gone... shudder... anyhow, So I have this bug eating away at my flesh, I kinda started to freak out a bit. I didn't know what to do So I called up my dad, he suggested holding a flame to the back of the tick, make it uncomfortable enough so that it'll want to come out, and release its deathgrip. So that's what we tried, but instead of making it back out, the fire just made it wriggle around a bunch. Soon it's legs were all burnt off, and the tick stopped his spastic flailing about. Thank goodness, its dead I thought, but then Oh gross I have a dead bug half inside my stomach, I'm like some sort of horrid alien hybrid gone awry. Like those poor failed experiments that Ripley had to incinerate in Alien: Resurrection. So I called the doctor, the Sunday on call doctor, and she said to me that I should put petroleum jelly or something like it on top of the tick. Soon it would suffocate and release me from its mandibles of death. But of course, we had already crossed that bridge. The tick was already dead, and so the doctor said well go ahead and try to carefully remove it with tweezers... the thing about ticks though, once their head is buried into your flesh its pretty hard to get it out. And when you don't want to do above all, is remove the tick, and leave the head inside your skin. Well unfortunately that's exactly what happened... Erica removed the body of the tick, and left the decapitated skull festering inside my stomach. This was the point of the camping trip that I feared would be my last, I had horrible visions of Lyme disease taking over my body, which was made all the scarier by the fact that I have no real clue what Lyme disease actually is. Furthering the thought led me to the inevitable conclusion that I would end up losing my entire lower torso and legs being forced to roll around by my hands pushing a dirty old skateboard and begging for change in the New York subways. So I decided that drastic action was required. I basically got Erica to rip into my skin and pull the head out of me before the ticks horrible venom could destroy my life... so now I have a really really gross wound on my bellybutton. But at least I've spared myself a life of deformity, scarred and hiding from those who fear and misunderstand me. I suspect my life would've been much like that of Vincent from Beauty and the Beast, only without the tender heart of Linda Hamilton to guide and center me.

The doctor thinks I should be ok in a day or two, and anything left will work itself out of my system by them. Apparently Lyme disease is pretty rare out here. Still I think I've maybe just dodged a bullet... maybe.

I'll talk with you later friends. Godspeed.

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