Thursday, May 10, 2007

Prince of Persia movie on the way

So speaking of cool looking films on the horizon, I thought I'd mention the next project looming for uber action director Michael Bay. It looks sure to be a crowd pleaser too, and hot on the heels of this summers highly anticipated Transformers flick, I have to say I'm already getting excited. Because Michael Bay is bringing an adaptation of the Ubisoft period adventure video game Prince of Persia to the big screen. And not only that its Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer, who'se previous collaborations have included the Bad Boys films, Armageddon The Rock, and Pearl Harbor.

The story of the game being adapted, subtitled The Sands of Time, follows a young prince of medevil Persia who has to save his kingdom and the world from the evil Maharaja and his army of zombified followers. To do this he uses the sands of time to slow, stop, and even reverse time, as he runs, fights, and climbs his way to The game is really great. It's one of the few recent games that I enjoyed so much that I actually beat it. And while the game has a lot of fighting involved, I think it qualifies more as an adventure game. There is a large focus on running, jumping, climbing and puzzle solving. In fact it reminds me a fair bit of the Tomb Raider series. And the graphics are beautiful. I'd definitely recommend the game. And even though I haven't played the two or three sequels that have hit the streets I've heard that they are all pretty decent.

Check out these great pieces of pre-production concept artwork.

Disney is looking for a summer '09 release.
Look for more to come on this film in the months ahead.

For a bit of a feel for the game watch this...


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