Monday, May 07, 2007

Liv Tyler joins Hulk

Well, you knew it had to happen, with the new Incredible Hulk film getting a full on 'reboot' treatment you just knew they couldn't have stuck with Jennifer Connelly as love interest Betty Ross. Not after scrapping the very capable leading lad Eric Bana in favor of the admittedly also very astute thesp Ed Norton. Fortunately for us they've just cast someone who almost rivals her amazing hotness, Liv Tyler. And I suppose if this sort of substitution had to come, I'm glad it came with Liv Tyler. I've always thought she was a fine actress. I know she's gotten some flack for films like Armageddon, but I think she can hold her own in the right role; just look at Stealing Beauty. Also I can never hold a grudge against anyone who was in Empire Records.

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