Monday, October 23, 2006

Cinescape, and me, on Terminator 4

Have you guys ever looked at Cinescape online?

Its a pretty decent site especially since the magazine is now defunct. I used to subscribe to the physical mag and before there was insane internet coverage of all things genre I felt that it was honestly the best place for film and tv news. Along with Fangoria, and Premiere, it is really where I satiated my obsession for all things cinematic and genre. Of course by 1996 or so the juiciest information was starting to hit the web first, and magazine like Cinescape couldn't hope to keep up to date. What they excelled at right up until the end though was the features. They had real old school reporters, not bloggers who would eventually become decent reporters. And these guys always had a class to them that I at least appreciated. The magazine Cinescape stopped publishing sometime earlier this year, and the rest of my subscription was transferred gratis over to SciFi magazine. Which is alright, considering its a glorified commercial for the tv station. The other thing that was great about Cinescape that to this day is in my opinion only matched by Greg's Previews on Yahoo is their section called Development Heck. For some reason no one else has been able to really keep up on all the online chatter about the far out upcoming films as well as Cinescape, and I applaud them for it.

Care of a story on Cinescape this morning, I heard that it's finally come down officially that the govenator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger will absolutely not be involved in Terminator 4. To that I say thank god. I actually liked T3. Ok, well I liked the ending, and I liked Nick Stahl who played John Connor. I think this is a good time to re-invigorate the franchise. I'm actually really more excited to see a Terminator 4 film than I was to see T3. The new one, especially sans Arnold can go into some really cool hard sci-fi directions that I'd be very interested to see. We can see how Cyberdine really leads the world into the Skynet ruled post-apocalyptic future. And we're sure to get some good birth-of-the-resistance, style commando action. Cool futuristic technology, man vs machines. Really this is the film everyone wanted to see when the first one came out.

My vote is to make it a new trilogy, the first film is the birth of the resistance, where John Connor finds his place in the new world, and ends with a first real win for the movement which solidifies Johns place as a true leader, we end with his wedding to Kate. The second film finds a growing band of ragtag fighters starting to make some headway against the machines, John has become harder, and tougher; a leader who gets things done even if people don't always like him. His battle scars have earned him respect. But he's had to become almost machine like in order to fight and win. His relationship with the pregnant Kate is strained almost to the point of breaking. The Skynet supercomputer is pumping out robots by the millions. Terminators have started to infiltrate the resistance, posing as humans, no one knows who to trust anymore. Making a daring play to disable the machines power from its heart John and a commando squad make a daring infiltration into the midst of the enemy. Surmounting obstacles and defeating adversity at every turn the commando team race the clock to make it to the Skynet supercomputer and destroy it before their ultimate weapon has can be unleashed. Just in time they manage to destroy the Syknet 'brain' dealing a almost fatal blow to the machines. But not before they realize their technological totalitarian machinations and invent their most secret and devastating weapon yet, time travel. The third film begins and all bets are off, as we learned in T2, the future is not set in stone and anything can happen. The machines have developed a limited form of time travel and are using it to decimate the human resistance. Now its up to John and a young buck lieutenant Kyle Reese to destroy the machines once and for all. But how can they fight against time travelling killing machines? The conflict rages to a head as Kyle and John do everything in their power to stop the devastation of this bleak future. As we end with the humans overcoming the insurmountable odds one lone terminator remains and he kills John's beloved wife leading him to recruit Reese for one final mission. Go back in time and save his mother, try to stop the war from ever beginning in the first place, and there we end. Reese going back to the past and John holding the corpse of his wife, in the rubble of a newly won free world. He's won everything he's ever been bred for, the war is over, but he doesn't care about any of it. Tragedy and hope. Everything the films have been about culminating in one final image.

It'll be a great way to end the series. Anyhow, that's just my idea. What do you guys think?

Here's the Terminator WIKI.


Anonymous said...

I concur..though I don't know if I have the patience required to watch three more terminators...the first one would have to blow me out of the water.

Chappy said...

Funnily enough, after writing this post I was surfing around and saw that they are in fact, or at least were, planning another full trilogy of films. Whether it will in any way resemble what I suggested remains to be seen. But I suspect I probably read that plan sometime ago and just subconsiously remembered it for this post.

We'll see what really happens though, if anything. So far they're only at the writing stage of pre-production.