Thursday, October 05, 2006

More good news

Woot again!

So you all know how yesterday I won $150? Well apparently they got the number wrong. Actually I've won $250!!! Its almost to the point where I feel guilty. I mean really I only raised $750 for the charity, and now I'm getting $250 back. But you know... money is money, and I have some great ideas already on some things to get with it.

This morning on the train I watched the third episode of Jericho. If you guys haven't checked it out I'd really recommend it. Very moving stuff. It's a new show all about the town of Jericho, Kansas living in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. Really strong writing, and good characters. It definitely gets my recommendation. In a really smart move by CBS you can watch the first 3 episodes in their entirety over at Good job CBS, I'm so glad the networks have gotten onto this digital distribution thing. Makes it so much easier to keep up with everything.

I've got the premiere episode of The Nine sitting on my ipod. It premiered last night and I'm excited to see what the heck al the fuss is about. If you missed it you can watch it, along with a bunch of other shows over at I'll let you know what I think once I've checked it. Till then, lates.


Darth Gateau said...

hi there

just came across your blog completely by accident. I like!
This isn't some wierdo spammy type message either, encouraging you to look at my blog selling treatment for warts.

I'm just a fellow blogger who likes your blog!

Chappy said...

Hello, Thanks for the comment :)

I like cake too. My favorite is strawberry cheesecake. mmm... Delicious.

I also sometimes make the Betty Crocker mix cakes. Those are pretty tasty too.