Monday, October 23, 2006

Optimus and Starscream toys, and more

On the Transformers side of things from the new movie two of the toy prototypes have surfaced on the web today. These are of Optimus and Starscream BEFORE they get their earth vehicles mode. So they look much more alien than they will for most of the film. If that makes sense. Personally I always loved the alien shaped Transformers. In that first episode of the old G1 cartoon series where Bumblebee is like this sweet spaceship looking thing. Anyhow, check the pics below and the links to the two sites where I got this info.


These are just too cool. Optimus, and Starscream rock hard. So sweet.

I found these images through AICN, but they credit it from

Back in this post I linked to some pics of Megatron from the new movie. Well apparently those images are NOT in fact what Megs will actually look like in the film. Those leaked pictures were early designs that have since been changed. Or at least that's what producer Don Murphy is saying.

You know the 20th anniversary TF the movie dvd? Well if you go over to the web page for the disc (pre-order for a mere $15.39, release Nov 7th) you can watch one of the new bonus features from the dvd. It's a short little featurette on the Death of Optimus Prime, and I challenge you to go and watch it, and not want to immediately watch the movie again. Man what a great scene, in such an awesome film.

According to this post on forums looks like Cartoon Network is going to be making a new Transformers cartoon show to coincide with the movie next year. This is hardly surprising, but I'm really happy to hear that its being made by and for Cartoon Network rather than Fox or some other more kids oriented station. I've been a pretty avid Transformers fan in all of their incarnations, from Beast Wars (the best), and Beast Machines, to Robots in Disguise, to some of TF: Armada (although the comics are way better), and I'm Tivoing TF: Cybertron everyday now, just waiting for enough episodes for a good marathon. I'd like to see a more adult take on the characters, or at least more realistic, which if based off the movie I'm sure will happen. I'll definitely keep my ears and eyes open for any more news on this front. Should be a sweet show, no matter what.

To keep up with all your most current TF news regarding the new movie, I'd really recommend you keep your eyes on the boards. They are always the absolute best. Talk with you heaps of slag later...

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