Tuesday, October 03, 2006

tv rambles

No much going on today. In fact its really slow here. There doesn't even seem to be any good film/celeb news. No exciting new podcasts out yet this week. just slow. sloooooww. Yup. Not much to say today.

I watched the second episode of Heroes this morning on the way into work. It was really really good. I think Hiro is totally the best character so far. And I liked how at the beginning it picked up right where everyone's cliffhangers had left them at the end of week one. The ending was a great surprise, and totally lays out the show for the next three or four episodes beautifully. I may still really like Studio 60, but after three episodes of that and two of Heroes I'm starting to waiver on which one I think is better. Also, unless ratings pick up soon, who knows if Studio 60 will be around much longer. Thankfully according to the oh-so-scientific DeathWatch '06, the perceptions for S60 are at least getting better. If you missed either of last nights episodes of of the excellent Heroes, or the decent Studio 60, you can watch them at NBC.com. Hopefully that trend will continue. Oh, also you can check out the full pilot for tonight's brand new show that's getting really good reviews Friday Night Lights. I haven't watched it yet, but even though I don't really like football I think it looks like a pretty decent show.

As you all know I'm pretty into comics books, one of the neat extras that NBC is doing for Heroes is every week producing an accompanying mini comic book. I think the first episode one was around 6 pages or so, but it was interesting and told a small little side of the story that I was wondering about. You can check out issue one and two HERE. Oh but make sure you watch the episode first, cause it will spoil it if you don't know what happens.

While I do love deepdiscountdvd I wish they would've told me, sorry strike that, I wish I would've noticed that of all those dvds I ordered last week one of them was on backorder. Now I have to wait until 10/10 (estimated date) for Ducktales to be shipped... sigh, so slow. Maybe I should've ordered Animaniacs instead...

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