Friday, October 27, 2006

Blue side wins

Forgive me, because I'm not an American, but apparently I had it wrong all this time. California is actually a Blue state despite the fact that we have the Govenator in power. State color is determined based on how the state votes in the Federal election; not State. My friend Tara pointed that out to me this morning, and I finally had time to look it up on the Wikipedia.

Anyhow, the only reason that matters is because my Blogger profile had, until a few minutes ago, the line "I'm thankful to live in a blue city, even if it is a red state." oops... oh well. fixed now. Although, and I am kind of annoyed at Blogger for this, they've ruined my page's feng shui because apparently in Blogger Beta which I recently switched over to you cannot have html tags encoded in your profile anymore. This means that I have to live with an unjustified personal blurb. This is disruptive to the site's overall look and really just doesn't seem clean. So to appease my enraged chi, I will most likely write a letter off to Blogger and complain. Hopefully it's just an oversight in the Beta that will be fixed soon.

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