Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I endorse Threadless

Over at Threadless.com, which if you don't know is the coolest online t-shirt store, they've got a sale going on until Wednesday that you should really check out. T-shirts normally priced at $20 a piece are now all, or almost all, priced at $10. These are super cool shirts, that are really great quality, and I can't recommend the store enough.

I've only ever gotten one shirt from them before and I love it. It's called Dark Side of the Garden, and I swear it's only just now after months and months of heavy rotation slipping from my top spot as #1 favorite tee.

The cool thing about Threadless is that it works like a co-op, ok not exactly, but close. Actually its an ongoing design contest. Basically, any artist can submit t-shirt designs to Threadless, of all the weekly submissions 4 to 6 of the best are picked and then printed by the company. All of these winning designers are compensated with a $2000 prize. Obviously Threadless makes out the best, but its still a great forum for designers and artists to get their work out there. Its got a pretty active community and a really fun atmosphere. I think the best part about it though is that because there are so many different artists contributing designs to the site the range of shirt designs is extremely varied. If you could categorize it at all you might use the words original, and interesting.

The shirts I ordered today are Damn Scientists, I Like Trees Too, Strangers With Candy, and Pandamonium, $10 each plus 7 bucks shipping that comes out to $47 total. Really a great deal on 4 super awesome shirts. Go check out what they've got that you might like.


Tara said...

Hee, we'll match. =)

So I don't even get credit on your blog for letting you know about the sale? Sniff. I see how it is. =)

Chappy said...

Ok, ok, sorry tara. You can have all the credit...