Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mysterio in Spidey 3?

So I saw this as yet unconfirmed rumor on one of my favorite sites, Superhero Hype! but they sourced it from some blog that I've never heard of called Film Ick. Seeing the number of rumors that emerge regarding things like this I normally wouldn't even mention it here, but this one is the kind of rumor that I could really see being true. Mostly because it's pretty innocuous.

So as you can read on Film Ick here, they are reporting that in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 there will be a plotline involving a Hollywood film being made about Spider-Man, this was done in the Ultimate Spider-Man universe comics, maybe two years ago. Anyhow, as we all know there is usually an exception made for a cameo by Stan 'The Man' Lee in most of the Marvel films, well apparently along with producer extrordinare Avi Arad, he will be cameoing in the film as the producer and director of the Spider-Man film within the film respectively... I hope that makes sense.

More importantly though Film Ick claims that a "very dependable source" is telling them that the uber awesome actor Bruce Campbell will be playing a bit part of Hollywood stuntman Quinten Beck. In the comic world of Spider-Man, Beck becomes the nefarious villain known as Mysterio, after emulating the powers of Spider-Man for the silver screen. If this is actually true, who knows if Campbell will actually suit up as ol' fishbowl head; but even if he's just there as a background player, layering in mythology for later films, as they did with Doctor Conners (aka The Lizard) , I will be very happy.

Campbell is a great actor, and I for one think he'd be a great fit for the character.
For now let's keep this firmly in the rumor category.
Hopefully though it'll prove to be true.

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