Thursday, October 26, 2006

dissapointed by tv... again.

I'm slightly annoyed at this past season of Fall tv. Aside from a few standouts like Heroes it's been a growing disappointment week after week. It feels like the shows I was really championing just a few weeks ago, have all started to sour slightly, and that's really disheartening.

I called Studio 60 the best show of the new season, and where has it left me? Each episode seems to be weaker than the last, mainly in my opinion because its a show about a cutting edge late night sketch comedy show that has really really lame sketches. Sure the behind the scenes stuff is ok; but its not that great. I'm sad to say that this show hasn't lived up to the hype I gave it.

Devon called it on our podcast last week and I'm calling it now; Jericho has lost a lot of it's appeal. Great in concept, weak in execution. The people just aren't acting believably enough. I've read enough post-apocalyptic sci-fi to know, that this story just doesn't feel right. Check out The Hammer of God for a much more probable reaction to this level of disaster. And Skeet Ulrich is making me crazy, he has this constant dour yet 'trying to be' sexy look that's really starting to get on my nerves.

Both Six Degrees, and The Nine have failed to grab me, as they expect you to invest too heavily in people that you don't even know. I find it hard to care about the characters and their weighty emotional problems when I can't even remember their names.

Smith which was a show I initially dissed, looked to be getting much better before it was killed so unceremoniously. And 30 Rock, will probably be killed before it gets a chance to disappoint me. I only have seen a single episode so far but I thought it was ok; although I'm in the very small minority on that. Amazing Race, and Survivor are both ok, but really they're just junk tv that I watch to pass the time, and both will probably disgust me eventually when the games get far enough along for the backstabbing to begin in earnest.

What am I actually liking? Well, Friday Night Lights seems to be doing well, although the ratings are another story. But it's one of, along with the still excellent Heroes, the only shows I do actually still hold out hope for. I'm also liking Grey's Anatomy which I've just jumped on board now, but that's only really good in the context of knowing it's a slightly cheesy, very girly, soap opera dramedy.

I'm almost done watching (4 more eps!) the dvds to Lost season 2, and I'll be caught up on that soon enough. I am a bit concerned that I will be aggravated to no end by the slowness of the story in broadcast form, but at least I know it will be entertaining viewing.

Day Break, and Traveler both from ABC are the only upcoming mid-season shows that I'm looking forward to. And yea I hope they'll be good, but so far most of my viewing hopes have been dashed. I guess I just feel kinda gypped by television this season. I mean it's one of the first times in years I've actually had the time and inclination to invest myself in shows and so many of them have turned out kinda crappy.

I think I need an application to easily get my dvds onto my ipod. Then I will have something better to watch. Unfortunately due to copy protection, this kind of thing isn't as easy to do as it should be...

I don't think there's any good solution to the crappyiness of television. Probably I should just stop watching. Or at least stop watching all the garbage that disappoints. I just always hold out hope that it'll get better, that's probably a dumb idea though.

I guess there's no real point to this post, I just wanted to vent my frustrations.

Damn you television. Damn you to hell...


Lola said...

It pains me that you mock Skeet! There's a slew of us out here who find him incredibly sexy and he just keeps getting better with age (sigh)!

Chappy said...

ok, I'm man enough to admit that there is a part of me that thinks Skeet Ulrich is kind of sexy. And I'm not giving up on Jericho yet by any means.

Maybe I am being too hard on him...

Lola said...

Ah, Chappy, your words warm my heart-there's hope for you yet! I know Skeet was a cult heartthrob way back in Scream, but I think he's sexier than ever.

It's not just his work on Jericho, I love his entire body (snicker) of work. Seriously, I think he's an under-appreciated talent. And he can only play Jake with the material he's given.

Jericho has tons of potential. They've introduced a large cast, and we're just now getting some insight into the characters. I think they're trying to please everyone--the sci-fi lovers, the action fans and those of us interested in how the people are reacting emotionally--that's a monumental task.

Happy to know you're still giving it a chance.