Monday, October 02, 2006

breakfast with music

I woke up early this morning and actually had a real breakfast. It was truly thrilling. Usually I just do coffee on my way out the door. Then I spend the entire commute all half asleep. On last Friday though Erica had just finally gotten back from Tokyo, so she was all jet lagged and screwed up timewise. She forced me to get up with her at like 5am, and the experience of actually not being rushed in the morning was so nice I decided to try it again today. Worked ok overall. I think I'll try it for a week or so and see what I think. Eating breakfast is totally good, cause cereal is yummy. The whole getting up before 6am seems a bit overboard though.

I bought some songs off iTunes last night. Some general top 40 crap, cause I was just in the mood for it, and its often top 40 for a reason. No matter how overplayed Gnarls Barkely is right now, you can't fault them for being well produced and catchy. I also picked up a couple tracks off the excellent new Kasabian album Empire. I'd urge you to go have a listen to the entire album for free HERE. I also picked up that great new single from JET "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" , man those guys are great. Found a few new bands through the 'people who bought this also like this' feature. That's a nice thing, it's really how I often find my new music these days. So I picked up some interesting bands that are new to me: Secret Machines, Hinder, Spoon, People in Planes, and maybe the most interesting sounding group TV On the Radio. They have a sound like something... I just can't quite put my finger on that I really really like. Good stuff all around. The weird one that I got was The Killers new one. They're doing this whole Bruce Springsteen-esque thing, including litterally covering "When You Were Young". I wasn't too sure about it from reviews I'd read online, and once I saw them on the SNL premiere this weekend I was pretty much sure I hated the new sound. But then for some reason I decided to buy the track. I kind of hate myself for saying this, because they are so plastic fake, and they've sold their soul to Microsoft, but the song is totally growing on me... very depressing.

The results for the Bridge to Bridge run are finally officially posted, and I guess I read the time wrong on the board as I passed the finish, cause I actually finished the 7km in 37:53, that's a paced 8:49 mile. not too great, but not like really bad I guess. I mean, I wasn't pushing myself, and I still managed to hurt my knee a fair bit. Oh well... Next run I'll work a bit more, assuming I can do it safely.

I got an email from a friend about her podcast being in trouble. It's not my news to tell so I won't say who, but I really hope she gets it all back working ok. She's a really nice girl, and I'd like to see her cast continue and succeed in one form or another. Then again, I'm starting to get to the point where I've seen a few podcasts fall by the wayside. Devon and I have been at On Hold... for 8 months now, and that's almost middle age in podcasting terms. And not to worry, we're not planning on going anywhere. Our cast isn't perfect or anything, but its a constantly evolving process, and having some sort of quasi-creative outlet is nice... oh wait, I guess I blog too :D Whatever, having both are great. Now if only I could get a better job, I'd be set.

I'm gonna head off now folks, have a great Monday.

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