Monday, October 02, 2006

Diesel Man and me

Diesel Man comes on the train after me
there are still seats
but Diesel Man likes to stand
in the middle of the aisle

Diesel Man is pretty
his jeans are dark
his hair is carefully casual
his shirt is slim, fashionable
Diesel Man wears his watch on the inside, to show his individuality

Diesel Man is strong
he stands in His Aisle
he holds the bars on both sides
Diesel Man likes to be looked at
he is strong, and tan
his black store-worn leather shoes are crossed on the ground
Diesel Man is confident enough for this too

and Sensitive
Diesel Man likes steak
Diesel Man can cook 3 different meals
but he would rather go out.
Diesel Man has money
but he expects you to also.
Diesel Man has women
but he still wants your number.
Diesel Man has friends
and they are all uniformly original,
calculated, and exacting.
They shop at Diesel too.

Diesel Man owns His Aisle on the train
he doesn't move when you go by
You can walk under the arm
You are small

I hate the Diesel Man.
I think that everyone must.
but I know that's just mean...


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Chappy said...

Do you guys see this comment above me?! I'm sure this is all because of the Diesel reference. I fucking hate internet spammer bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I think Vancouver is the original home of the Diesel Man. Where do these guys come from?
hey bro - I love you!

Cecile said...

Next time I see a Diesel man, I'll be happy because it will remind me how good is your post.