Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween lameness

Halloween is kind of depressing me. I can't figure out what to be, and it's getting so late. I'm almost tempted to call the whole thing off. But that's just a bad idea; because really I love Halloween. I love the candy, I love the kitch, I love the costumes, and the pumpkins. Not so crazy about the scariness, but I really love the commericalized Halloween.

I would suggest that the heyday of Halloween was back in the 80s and early 90s. That was before parents got worried about letting their kids out after dark. Before political correctness hit the scene, before the scare of kids breaking in and looting your house. But we we're sophisticated enough to know the value of a good commercial tie-in. Corporate America sold us the holiday start to finish and as a kid we literally ate it up. It was always an amazing night that I really looked forward to and have very fond memories of.

When I moved back to the western world from Africa the year before last, and then again last year I was really into reading, and posting on the message boards, of a great site called X-Entertainment. And from that site I got back into Halloween in a big way. The main man over there Matt has a great was of writing his blog, and articles to jog your memory of yesteryear, and remind you not just of what happened back in the day, but remember how it really felt to be a kid at this time of year. Matt and X-E really helped me reclaim the spirit of Halloween, and for that I am ever grateful. While I still read the site, especially at this time of year, I'm not as dedicated to it as I used to be. Things have changed a fair bit for me this past year, I've moved in with my girlfriend, started exercising a lot, started eating better, and gotten a lot busier with things like podcasting and blogging. So while there's definitely a real place in my heart for Halloween I'm not sure I can, or want to really live it up the way I did these past two years.

I was just over at the costume store, and I was thinking about getting a ninja costume. That's cool right; but it would've come out to probably be around $50. That's really just not worth it. Especially since I haven't seemed to be able to bring it together for a party or anything. I don't have any big plans. Sure I'd like to wear a costume to work (I work somewhere that a lot of people wear costumes) but when else can I wear it? I live in an apartment so no kids will be knocking on the door. I suppose I could go out to The Castro for the big crazy street party, something I would like to do one of these years, but I don't think my friends are particularly interested in that; and I'm not going to something like that alone. So maybe it's just not worth it. I passed on the ninja costume and came home empty handed. Somewhat depressed about this whole thing. I bought all these decorations last year for Halloween but I haven't even put them up yet. And I don't think anyone will get to see them, except me and Erica, and then I'll have to take them down in like three days. sigh...

Ok, I'm sorry. I'm going to go carve the pumpkin I bought this morning, then force myself to put up my Halloween decorations, and finally have a look through my closet for some inspiration. I don't own much costumey type of stuff, but man, it shouldn't be that hard should it? I can do this. And I know that as soon as I do, I'll be happy with myself that I did. Ok, better head. Later.

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