Sunday, October 01, 2006

running, dvds, and more pics

So Erica, Cecile, Olivia and I just ran the Bridge to Bridge 7km run along the Embarcadaro. Although I screwed up my knee somewhat I managed to finish in 33:14 (or so - official time not in yet). I didn't push myself too hard cause I was worried that I'd not realize how to pace for a 7km, vs a 5km and then get all tired out at the end, so I just stuck with Olivia for most of it. Unfortunately even that wasn't enough to spare my poor knee from feeling the ravages of a slight misstep. I've been icing it though, and other than probably having to take it easy this week, maybe do the elliptical as opposed to running I think it'll all work out fine.

Yesterday I was very excited to see that I'd received my first installment of the William Shatner dvd Club! Because it was the first month I got two discs too. Too bad they didn't come in the actual cases, just slipcases, but maybe that'll be ok, if I just keep the neat Shatner packaging. The films I got are pretty cool, even if I did see one of them recently and wasn't super keen on it. At least I see the 'kind' of films I should expect to be getting. First I received the French film Immortal, which was a bit too... foreign? for me. I don't know how to explain it at the moment. Although I think I talked about it on my podcast back in episode 23 (near the end). The other film I got; the bonus disc as it were, is something called Falcon Down. I've never heard of this but after looking at the trailer just now I can say that I am definitely looking forward to some cheesy action. God I mean Bill Shatner AND Judd Nelson?! can't go wrong.

Speaking of dvds, I'm pretty excited because I just ordered a few more cartoons from Honestly, I only plug two stores on internet on a regular basis, and this is one of 'em. they may not have absolutely everything, and once in a while Overstock has a better price, but as far as I can tell these guys consistently have the best overall priced dvds online. So I ordered a few things that I've really been wanting for a while now: Home Movies, perhaps the greatest cartoon ever made, season 3 and season 4, along with C.O.P.S. season 1, not the bad boys, but the 'fighting crime in a future time' ones, Ducktales volume 1, and the classic Ninja Turtles volume 4, and volume 5. I know how geeky that all is, but man I do love me some cartoons :)

Not much else going on this weekend. Our friend Daniel treated the group to some fun and excitement out in the East Bay on Friday (tov = sarcasm). Actually I'm just kidding, it was alright. Only really, Walnut Creek isn't that exciting a place. We did go to a good pool hall, and attempted to go out dancing. It didn't work as well as we'd hoped but meh, it was still nice to go out there, especially considering Daniel makes such an effort to come into the city to hang out on the weekends.

Oh and check it. I finally uploaded some more photos to my Flickr page here. Of course if only I'd done it yesterday I would've been able to upload twice as many, they have a monthly limit for the free accounts. I'm sure as heck not about to start paying for their services. They seem good, but I'm just not that into it at this point. So I posted some pics from Lovefest, and about half of the pics from Nebraska. Although none of the 'old timey' ones I mentioned in my Nebraska post. Here's two pic of Daniel and me from the Lovefest. They're just with his camera phone, but still pretty cool eh?

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