Monday, October 02, 2006

Viva makes me smile

Can I just tell you guys something that really makes me smile? When you start listening to one of your favorite podcasts and they out of the blue bring you up :) I mean I'm not looking for validation generally speaking but I'm like a kid when it comes to podcasting. I may have my simple little ideas and dreams of an information based digital revolution from the masses. But I still know that I'm really just putting on a silly little bloggy podcast. So when people like Lisa and Greg over at Viva Podcast start talking about Devon and me I tend to listen. I mean, I know I've talked to them before, and I know they even went so far as to link to us on their site, but somehow I didn't really expect them to be listening... They're just on this like whole other level. Maybe that's silly to say.

And it's funny cause I think that they think they're old and out of touch or something just cause they like Erasure....

Check out this uber cool video for Kasabian's song Empire

And also, really everyone's listened to Morrissey at some point

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