Friday, October 20, 2006

exploding glass

Quick story. Last night I came home and made homemade lasagna for dinner, but I had a big scare. I had a glass lid to the frypan that I accidentally left covering a stove element that was still on. I realized that the stove was on when I was cleaning up and turned it off. Then I moved the lid aside so that it could cool off before washing everything up. I actually left the lid until last as I was cleaning around the kitchen but I guess I didn't wait long enough, cause when I picked up the lid and put it in the sink to wash as soon as the cold water touched it BAM, it exploded in my hand. I was pretty freaked, but the glass actually stayed totally in the sink and I didn't get hurt at all. Of course I had to spend the next 15 minutes fishing glass shards out of the garbage disposal, not a very fun thing to do, but ultimately I got everything cleaned. And yes the lasagna was great.

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Dbl0Bigby said...

Damned glass. I hate it when it does that. It happened to my steamer once - but that didn't even hit the just shattered in cooking...i think a drop of water landed on it. It was wicked cool though, it pearlized (is that a word), though I did have to throw out the veggies...what were they? I can't remember.