Monday, October 23, 2006

Lost aggravates and Heroes satisfies

This weekend was really nice. Very relaxing. E and I just chilled at home mostly. Really a nice change from being so busy all the time with friends. We didn't really get up to too much except watching about two-thirds of Lost season 2 on dvd. We made our way through a lot of episodes and I have to say I'm enjoying it; conditionally though. Basically its great, in most ways great. I love the dynamic between the characters, but man I'd forgotten how slow the show is. It does answer questions, but only after stringing you along for soooo long, that really by the time they answer them I've already moved onto something else and don't really care. Like seriously it's not until halfway through season two that we find out what the airplane full of the virgin mary drug staues was all about. And seriously, I just don't care anymore. The immediate story is better, but since I know they're not going to resolve anything until next season at least it makes me kinda crazy. Lost needs to pick up it's pace. I'll be happy when I get caught up and can watch it week to week. Maybe that'll be better; although I think it might just make me crazier.... we'll see.

On another show though, Heroes they are doing things really right if you ask me. I think maybe I read this in an interview or an article online or something, but the point really struck home with me. In Heroes they ask a lot of confusing and interesting questions (like Lost) however Heroes actually answers those questions in a reasonable manner, and then raises new ones. Much more satisfying. Man tonight's Heroes is going to be sick. I'm really stoked about it.

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