Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Hooray for me! guess what?

I just won $150!!!

That's awesome! If you read this post you'll recall that I recently ran the SF Race For The Cure, and did pretty decently. Finishing the 5km in 65th spot overall with a time of 22:25. Well it wasn't that, but the fact that I managed to be the top male money raiser for my company. So they (my company) decided to award prizes to the top male, and female money raisers, as well as the fastest running male and female. I raised a total of $750 personally. This is sweet, sweet news. In fact I might say it was hawsome... but then again no, that's like totally last month. This is like radsome. That's radical and awesome together... ok maybe that needs some work.

Anyhow, I also helped win a Happy Hour for my department because we had the most participants! That's great news too. I love beer. And I love money. So really everything should be cool.

Hooray for me!

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