Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halo no more

So according to an official statement by Peter Jackson, and Microsoft's Wingnut Films (correction Wingnut Interactive), Halo is officially on hold. Pre-production has been halted and while everyone still hopes it'll happen one day, they aren't in a position where they can go forward with it at this time. This is sad news, if you've been keeping up with recent developments, you'll know that a few weeks ago Fox and Universal (who we're co-financing the picture) pulled out financially. And although it looked like PJ and director Neill Blomkamp might be able to pull it off and find some other backers that has unfortunately not materialized.

I hope this does come together maybe in a year or so, but you never really know. Hollywood is very fickle. Although I think we can definitely say this: as long as Microsoft is making such ridiculous amounts of money off this property, I'm sure they will try to get a film made. So I think there's still reason to hope.

Read more about this over at Dark Horizons.


Anonymous said...

"Microsoft's Wingnut films"? Do they really have a piece of the pie?

Anonymous said...

"Microsoft's Wingnut Interactive"?

Chappy said...

Of course. Halo is a wholly owned original IP of Bungie Studios which was acquired by MS in 2000. Hence Microsoft owns Halo.

From the Halo Film WIKI:
"(Microsfot was) looking to be paid a $10 million fee as well as the studio's agreement to adhere to guidelines set by the game's developers. Microsoft also wanted the studio to seek approval over the director and cast. In addition, Microsoft sought full merchandising rights for itself, a minimum $75 million budget, and company representatives' full access to the film's rough cuts in Los Angeles."

So yes Microsoft has the most significant piece of the pie.

Wingnut Interactive was a studio created as a partnership between Peter Jackson and MS. Their first feature was set to be Halo. Check this for more.

Anonymous said...

So is that a tacit agreement? I never had any gripes with who owned the property... just the name of the fucking property... sorry about the profanity... am typing this sitting at one of Apple's ridiculous Genius Bars...bastards!

Chappy said...

I apologize you are absolutely right. The production company is called Wingnut Interactive (a collaboration of PJ and MS), not Wingnut Films (which is just PJ).

I just got confused because Dark Horizons listed it worng in their article. Also you're question was kind of vague.

Anonymous said...

Okay I admit that it, the "question," was a little vague. I am happy to see the new version. Very grown-up of you to actually strike-out the offending words. I'd've just replaced them.