Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Halloween Adventure

So Halloween was pretty fun last night. As I mentioned earlier, I went out to The Castro district. There's a big street party there, and that's where everyone with the best costumes goes to hang out. Due to some violence there in past years though (including stabbings, and gay bashing) the city decided to try to keep it low key, maintaining a very large police presence, checking everyone who entered for alcohol or weapons, and allowing absolutely zero alcohol on the streets. It was extremely crowded, and pretty cold out too. So while overall I'm glad I went, other than seeing some great costumes it really wasn't especially exciting. That no alcohol rule really kept a lot of the craziness in check. Well maybe not a lot of the craziness, but definitely some. Ultimately though it kept things just kind of boring. Yes, it was a great people watching experience but not much else. The few clubs that were actually inside the police cordoned off 5 square blocks, were all packed to the gills. So after doing a 'walk through' which granted took about an hour and a half, my friends and I just left and walked over to Mission district to hit up a cool little bar called the Elbo Room. We definitely had a good time there, and as I found out later we left the street party at precisely the right time. The police we're imposing a curfew, and started clearing the streets at around 10:30pm. So of course, that's when the violence erupted. 10 people were shot. Thankfully no one was killed, and as of yet no one has even been arrested. But I am very glad I wasn't there for that. Actually later that night I heard that there had in fact been a few more stabbings this year too, although I haven't seen that reported anywhere. Regardless, it's pretty scary stuff.

I have a feeling this might be the last year we see a street party for Halloween in The Castro. Sure I had some fun, but I just don't think it's worth it. Maybe I can find a good house party instead. And hopefully I'll get my hands on some of the pictures from last night later on today. I'll post all the cool ones as soon as I get em. Later kids.


Natasha Robinson said...


Hey good meeting you yesterday on Caltrain. Thanks for not looking like me like a complete idiot when I asked you all those questions about Heroes. After you all explained what happened I had a big "Oh, I get it," moment after you all left. I'm such a dork. :)

I tried to brave my first Halloween in the Castro, but better judgment (Better Judgment: Work in the morning, no liquor in my system, etc. ) won out.

Chappy said...

Hey Natasha, ya I'm always up for talking about Heroes or whatnot. Hit me up if you see me aorund on the train.

Maybe it's a good thing you missed The Castro, considering everything.

My guess is they'll just shut it down next year.

Oh, if you like Heroes, you should definitely be reading the weekly online comic. It's only 6 pages or so and comes out in conjunction with each episode usually telling a bit more of the story than the show. Very cool :)

Anonymous said...

i'm sick of t.v. shows that make us go on-line to get more out of it. It's just plumb unfair. I don't have the time to waste going to random sites checking up on things. I mean that would eat into my 'commenting' time. Sheesh.