Tuesday, November 21, 2006

yet another cool new Heroes castmember

Wow, so I've got even more super cool Heroes casting news for you now today. A few days ago I told you about how Christopher Eccleston, of Doctor Who fame was joining the cast, well it sure doesn't stop there. I'm just constantly impressed with this show. I thought last night's episode, Homecoming, was great. Everything is finally starting to come together in the story, and I'm digging the fact that the characters are going to move into deeper more uncharted territory now that their origin stories are starting to get told. Granted theres still a bit more backstory to tell, and thats where todays news comes in. Frankly I don't think things on the show will really be set up properly until the end of the season, but that's ok. With the number of viewers that the show has been getting, we're pretty much guaranteed at least one more season to figure out more to do with the storyline. To the end of revealing even more backstory, they have cast an actor to play Hiro's father on the show, and who else could it be but Captain Sulu himself, George Takai.

E! Online reports that Takai will join the cast on the Jan 29th episode where as a big shot Japanese corporate exec. He will come to the States, with his bodyguards in tow, to forcibly if necessary return his son Hiro back to his homeland. Sounds like a cool episode, but I have a feeling Hiro might just not want to go back ;)


Anonymous said...

So, I finally watched my first episode of Heroes last night. I'm looking forward to my source to send me more episodes so that I can learn more about my new friends. I'm a geek - Yay!

Chappy said...

that's awesome man. I'm sure you're "source" will have them in the mail in no time. ;)